Ing. arch. Márius Žitňanský
a Ing. arch. Vladimír Šimkovič

Bratislava, Slovak republic

authors of the proposal
Ing. arch. Márius Žitňanský, Ing. arch. Vladimír Šimkovič, Ing. arch. Peter Gonda,
Ing. arch. Ľubica Dubeňová, Ing. arch. Natália Filová, Bc. Peter Bučo

jury evaluation 
The proposal solves a horizontal structure located in the north part of the area, where technological centre extends existing workshops and two-layer grid of residential blocks and atriums, which substitute the volume of the existing terrain with their volume, while preserving the existing north views. The disadvantage of the solution is an enormous volume of terrain work and a contact with neighbouring lots as well as a non-persuasive 2nd stage.